Friday, January 29, 2010

no plans

well, on account of becoming single after 6 years, i can't start planning my garden because i have no idea where i will be this summer. i can't order seed, i can't order transplants, and i can't bring home soil. so for now, my young garden blog is on an official hiatus till my roots are spread somewhere else. which i guess doesn't matter because no one is reading this anyways.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

is it spring yet?

i am going to start ordering seeds for spring 2010. time to prioritize. what makes the list for this growing season, and who gets cut?

i started this blog to help me keep track of this lets see if i can do that...

artichokes were a failure, and aphids adored their leaves, so artichokes are out.

cucumbers are definitely in. one of the best summer treats. i think i will try making a cucumber watermelon sorbet this summer. jealous? don't be. it is easy, and i will post a recipe when that time comes.

tomatoes are in always... of the varieties:
green zebra- yes please
purple cherokee- yummy yes
cherry- sure...need a new variety maybe...
plum- maybe...always taste a little boring in comparison to the others
yellow pear- yes, but did not grow them last season
...more to think about with tomatoes...

eggplants are in. the long skinny fellows. i always get the plants from our school plant sale. i hope they are started earlier than the ones i got last year.

ground cherries were fun to grow and show off, but i did not enjoy the flavor, so i think it is best to not grow them and put my efforts to foods i love. sorry little sheathed cherries!

i think i want to try growing fava beans... amitious? maybe. my bean growing attempts last year were sort of lame. not too much yield. i think i need more space. or to pick one and just do that one. but it is so hard to decide. i think i would like to focus on soy beans and sweet peas. i need to figure out the varieties best for container gardening...

watermelon was such an epic let down, but not completely my fault. it was those f*ck*ng squirrels. maybe i will try a renegade watermelon patch in my neighbor's yard... lil' sugar babies again will be fine for renegade gardening.

peppers are always in. ghost pepper. jalapenos. calabrese dynamite (my nickname for an unidentified italian hot pepper). bell peppers. and some little guys my mom sent me.

collard greens are totally in, and maybe even a different green like kale...

brussel sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower all let me down and provide nourishment for aphids and little green crawly caterpillars.  i don't know that i want to try those anymore... especially if i only get one head of each veggie from it. doesn't seem worth it.

strawberries will be tried again within a new system of hanging baskets. hopefully the squirrels will be too lazy to mess with them.

well all this talk of food finds me hungry. this brainstorming list will have to be continued later.