Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i planted my fall/winter crops and have been battling little green inchworm like caterpillars. the seem to think my cabbages and broccolis and cauliflowers are their personal salad bar.

i started by spraying organic pesticides. that stuff is a joke. the little boogers practically drank up that juice with a straw. 

and so i have resorted to harsh measures. one was to pick them off individually and squish them. i did that with the babies but the adults were tooooooo squishy for me to stomach. so now i have resorted to poison. that's right. inorganic pesticides. there were far to many of the little green maggots for me to handle one pinch at a time. 

i hope i get some veggies in the winter now.

also, i would like to point out how i have never really been a violent person to nature and animals but gardening has made me that way now to certain species. death to squirrels and little green caterpillars.

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