Monday, September 28, 2009

Did you know squirrels are part ninja?

I am not terribly excited to learn that squirrels have been trained by a secret sect of no good ninja squirrels. I know this for a fact after watching the acrobatics of one particular squirrel in my garden. I think he is their sensai.

A few weeks ago I went outside to my garden only to find 3 of the little bastards sitting on top our table eat tomatoes and cucumbers like it was a dang salad bar. Their own private Sizzler. One was the chopper; he nibbled it to pieces and spit it out. The others at and sniffed at the bits. I think the nibbler was the ninja. When I started screaming at them they all took off in seperate directions. One went over the fence, one was trapped for a second but then darted by and trough the fence, and then the other climbed up a ladder to the roof better and faster than a human probably could (the ninja!).


I clean up their mess...and retreat inside.

5 minutes later I return outdoors to check up on things. There was the ninja again!!! He darted up the fence up the electrical pole, which is metal, and scurried along the thin wire for about 30 feet... BUT not on top!! He scurried across upside down hanging on with his little ratty some Mission Impossible business!

moar funny pictures

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