Monday, September 14, 2009

My garden, my inspiration, my roots itch

I failed a lot this summer in my garden. It's okay though. I think I expected it, but did not want to admit it. I found things to blame it on like the weather or squirrels, but truth is, I had grand plans and I did not do all my homework or side work.

I dug out my potatoes yesterday. The hard part about growing them is you never see them until you dig them out. So I greedily reached my hands in the soil expecting to find such a bounty (as I had actually dreamed about a few nights before) and was greeted with handful after handful of dirt. There were a few potatoes. 8 to be exact, and all about the size of a grape. How disappointing. I am sure I will enjoy the potatoes still. (Imagine me cutting small thin sliver after sliver off my tiny potatoes...)

There were other fails in my garden. The squash. The watermelon (still debatable). The English peas. Tomatoes with bottom rot. Peppers with bottom rot. The list goes on.

I still have a lot to learn. And I have all winter to come here and dissect what I did and did not do. Not much grows besides herbs on my window sill during winter. Speaking of which. I killed my thyme. Literally and metaphorically.

Things to come:
Squirrels and my plans to poison their frequent picnics on my patio table.
Why I believe garden spiders are the most scary garden creepy crawlers.
Should I burn the forest of weeds in my neighbors yard.(Forest being an understatement.)


  1. Have you read "Animal Vegetable Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver yet? If not, you totally should; you would love it. She has a chapter about the anticipation and impatience that comes with digging out potatoes. A great read... you will wish that you, too, lived on a farmhouse in Virginia where you could do nothing but farm and garden all goddamn-day long (not that I'm bitter).

  2. I hav not read that yet. I will look into it!