Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Watermelon, what melon?

I hate squirrels.
With a fervent fever, I hate them.

I took a morning stroll in my garden looking for ripe tomatoes to pick before the squirrels get to them, and to my horror and found a discarded 1/8th eaten baby, like one week old, watermelon! Oh the terribleness of it all!! Of course you discarded it you stupid squirrel. It was no where near ripe! It had barely begun to live.

The squirrels have managed to kill every baby watermelon that has tried to exist, minus one. That one is about the size of a softball right now. I have been rooting for it all summer. I hope it makes it. I will strangle a squirrel with my bare hands if I so much as see paw prints on it.

I was really excited last weekend to see that I might be blessed with 2 watermelons. The squirrels just crushed my soul.

My plan for the squirrels is total annihilation.

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