Sunday, July 4, 2010

My garden as a social forum...

While working in my garden I have met quite a number of my neighbors. They walk by and compliment my garden, then introduce themselves. I have come to realize very quickly that my garden is a "conversation piece." Without it, I might not have had the opportunity to talk to or meet some of my neighbors. One neighbor asked me about my currants, and I told him that I made a jam from them. He quickly brought me over a jar of some of his homemade fig preserves.

South Philly really is a great place to live. My neighbors are awesome, and they don't bother my garden (knock on wood). I don't mind if they want to pick a tomato or two though. Having my garden here and meeting new people has opened up my eyes more to the potentials of awesome neighborhoodness. I am so glad I decided to go through with my garden after my move. I am glad I have the motivation and inspiration to pull it all together. It makes my everyday better, just seeing my plants, and from what I hear from my neighbors, it makes the street look better, and smell better! Yay!

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