Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shard= Swiss Chard

I have an abundance of shard right now. And I have two Salmon fillets in the freezer. I see a delicious dinner being made in my near future. Salmon lightly grilled with lemon, pepper, salt, and thyme (from the garden of course), and the chard sauteed with a little garlic, salt and pepper, and some hot peppers (just a pinch). mmmmm.

In other news... the other day one of my neighbors, a chatty ol fellow, commented on my garden and asked if i had any _________ (enter undecipherable word here). I looked at him with my eyes crossed and said, "Huh?" He repeated. I was all like,  "I have no idea what you are saying." And he crossed his arms and said to himself, " How do you say it in English??" So I start listing things off in my garden, and he finally shouts out "Basil!" So he's probably first generation Italian here.... and so I think what he was trying to say was Basilico... but it came out sounding like basagooliio... hmmm. ok. I pointed it out to him, which he did not recognize, and told him to help himself to it whenever. He said he needed some for a picnic. :)

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